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About EnviZion

EnviZion is an evolvable IP system that enables associations between different NFTs to feed them with storytelling and is created in continuity by all. The ultimate NFT, and IP with distributed copyright, evolve through constant evolution and elimination.
EnviZion has many creative mechanisms. It is not a closed functioning system, nor a GameFi with distinct boundaries and lifecycle. The key design idea is the natural act of evolution, in which the NFT will evolve and eliminate in a platform. The ultimate form may be beyond imagination.
Important evolutionary idea
The first feature that supports the evolutionary idea is the synthetics feature, which has its origins in the natural process of material evolution. EnviZion will support a wide range of NFT synthesis functions that will take the scattered creativity of the industry and form it into connected, continuous creativity. Check more details before the EnviZion App goes online.


IP DAO is a governance organization based on Director Groups and communities. Among all DAO organizations, IP DAO will be extraordinarily different. There are three reasons below:
1. Its governance is more creative rather than tedious.
2. It allows both professional and amateur users to participate. We believe whoever without complex financial knowledge and management experience still has aesthetic judgment.
3. It is expandable in the direction of distributed copyright distribution and IP manufacturing. Compared with other DAO organizations, the scalability direction of this organization is more tangible.

NFT and IP stories

People can use EnviZion to create stories for NFT and earn rewards. In the roadmap of EnviZion, this function will be available to the public in the second phase.

Synthesis function of NFT

The synthesis function is one of the most significant features of the EnviZion APP, which can combine low-level digital matter (NFT) into high-level NFT, which means value enhancement as a result. Check out more information about the synthesis feature before the official launch of the available programs.

Resale Market of NFT

People can buy created substances in the resale market and resold pandas as well, and in the future, people can trade the whole metaverse resold here. The coming resale market will provide more financial functions to support bulk trading.

Two ways of adding value for creators

1. There is a new way that entrusts creations to official into the synthesis sequence and gets mining income

When you choose this mode, your creations will enter the sequence of material synthesis, and the official will help you get into commission sales. The creators will get the EVZ bonus. To learn more about the POC please check https://envizion-official.medium.com/project-features-of-envizion-1-poc-and-ip-dao-fd7d311d95f2

2. Transfer out to public NFT marketplace for sales

Creators who create NFT substances via EnviZion can choose to sell their work on any marketplace and receive direct sales revenue. But at the same time, the creators will not receive the EVZ if these substances are without the synthesis sequence via the official.

What is EVZ?

EVZ is a reward token in the system that allows community members to buy, sell and trade. Its core design principle is POC - Proof of Creative.
POC is a new incentive approach inspired by BTC, and the principle is to motivate creators and drive more impact on their works. Although creations are hard to quantitative, we reached a scientific solution that combines multiple dimensions to figure the value of the creative. For an introduction to POC, check out this link: https://envizion-official.medium.com/project-features-of-envizion-1-poc-and-ip-dao-fd7d311d95f2

Token Economic (EVZ)

Releasing plan
Initial sale
For public sale in ZilSwap
Initial liquidity
Used to fill the base liquidity in ZilSwap
Liquidity rewards
Used to populate the underlying liquidity rewards in ZilSwap
Universe fund
Released by POC (proof of creative), 10% will be awarded to the creators of the universe and 90% to the creators and developers of these universes.
Ecologry(Ecosystem Growth)
Linear curve over 4years,Initially release 6.25% and thereafter release 6.25% every quarter, a total of 16 times
Linear curve over 2years,Initially release 12.5% and thereafter release 12.5% every quarter, a total of 8 times
Private sale
Linear curve over 1 year,Initially release 25% and thereafter release 25% every quarter, a total of 4 times
Institutional investors
Linear curve over 1 year,Initially release 25% and thereafter release 25% every quarter, a total of 4 times
Linear curve over 2years,Initially release 6.25% and thereafter release 6.25% every quarter, a total of 16 times

Scenarios of EVZ

1. Liquidity Mining

Users receive rewards for liquidity contributions.

2. Creator Mining Rewards

After NFTs have experienced market liquidity, creators can receive EVZ rewards.

3. Buyer Mining Reward

Consumers receive EVZ rewards after purchasing or synthesizing NFTs with promoted liquidity.

4. Panda NFT Upgrade

Upgrading to rarer panda boosts arithmetic, which requires EVZ as a gas fee.

5. Metaverse Overall Trading

Using EnviZion App, you can create your unique metaverse IP that supports overall trading.

6. Metaverse Assets

All kinds of personal assets in the metaverse, including land, buildings, props, etc., can be traded with EVZ.
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