NFT & DeFi

DeFi is one of the most important inventions in the industry, but previously, NFT couldn’t fit well into DeFi. One of the reason is that the absolute difference in NFT affects its liquidity. Therefore, we have added a new way of casting and synthesis to the original NFT production model, the most important idea of which is to pay more attention to the common properties of NFTs. For example, belonging to a same contract is a common attribute. Some NFTs even have the same appearance.

Commonality and individuality are not absolutely contradictory. The more important point is that in nature it is the common attributes of the group that allow the group to remain evolved. For example, the evolution of organisms has to be based on the common genes of certain tribes or clans, which, through the exchange of genes, are constantly fusing, sometimes producing mutations. But two species with absolutely different genes, are biologically isolated from each other, so that no connection can be made between them.

So, while searching for connections between different NFTs, we discovered the principle which is similar to blood ties. It is because of people's similarities that they were able to collaborate and their ideas were able to collide. For example, the succession, change and development of artistic genres. It is difficult to develop a school of art with only one artist.

We allow the synthesis of these NFTs, no matter whether they are of the same series or not. Continuity of transactions is possible when we consider a certain characteristic of NFTs as a commonality.

In addition, in our POC (Proof of Creation) incentive model, the incentive to create also requires this continuity to be one of the underlying criteria. We couldn’t identify the level of design of a particular NFT by a judging system, but we can observe the quality of fluidity of this series of NFTs.

In Envizion, this liquid quality is broken down into a number of dimensions, each of which has a corresponding indicator that represents the activity of the transactions, the popularity, the number of secondary creations, etc. With these indicators that can be monitored, we can know how to reward creators. When people have made NFT creations and have the corresponding liquidity, they can earn EVZ by mining.

People can see a new trading model in the upcoming EnviZion App, which combines NFT and DeFi into one product. We are still exploring forward and there are exciting discoveries to be made between science and art.

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