The IP DAO is the organization that excites us, and it may be even more significant than EnviZion. In the process of implementing distributed copyright, a new kind of collaboration of creators will be formed. Compared to other DAO organizations, the IP DAO has three characteristics:

1. It is geared towards a more creative audience, which makes the process interesting.

2. It allows professional and amateur users alike to participate. As a layman, even without sophisticated financial knowledge and management experience, you still have a basic aesthetic that can be applied in the creation.

3. Its scalable orientation is towards distributed copyright distribution and IP manufacturing. Compared to other DAO organizations, the scalable direction of this organization could be more tangible.

IP DAO is an experiment in the Renaissance of the blockchain era, which needs Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, as well as Gaus. This organization is preparing its initial operating mechanisms and incentives, and we welcome those who like it to come and talk with us.

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