Decentralized Copyright

The distributed copyright is definitely one of the most promising blockchain directions

If one recalls carefully the cultural, artistic and entertainment industries, such a phenomenon will be found in the way in which, in the past, the creation of literary or artistic works was highly centralized, which simply means that we depended on the emergence of talented authors. There is no denying that this is exciting. However, in the process of industrialization, the collaboration of people from different professions is becoming increasingly important. In the games industry, for example, a high-quality game, or even just an idea for it, requires the collaboration of many people to get it right.

Furthermore, if we look closely at the production chain of the film industry, we will find that there are a large number of distributed models of collaboration. When you enjoy a film in the cinema, you can see the credits mention a large number of crew members, which may include the director, screenwriter, producer, actors, sound engineers, make-up artists, props, designers, post-producers, soundtrack artists, etc., working together to make the film, but many of them are not part of the same company, but are only working on a specific film project, resulting in a collaboration. The film industry has a natural basis for distributed collaboration, but this attribute of collaboration is not common in other industries.

However, most of these staff members are not entitled to the copyright revenue from this film, which in the old industry chain went to a very small number of individuals or companies.

EnviZion is one of the projects creating distributed copyright, but unlike others, we are not only concerned with the protection of copyright for traditional authors, but also more so for the whole industrial chain. It's a process of restructuring, cooperation, and redistribution. When the distribution model is changed, accordingly, a new way of collaboration must have to be established. It's not just the reform that matters, but also the creation of many rules.

For example, in the co-creation, how to determine the proportion of copyright earnings for the different authors, how to determine the main characters of the story and the main lines of the plot, how to divide the work, and so on. This is a completely new subject and an exciting direction for creation.

There was a time when ordinary people could not be involved in the creation of a major work, such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, but in the age of the future, everyone can be involved in the creation of a whole artwork.

EnviZion believes that, it was not just a small part of the people in the history, but everyone is a part of civilization and that everyone can leave their mark on it.

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