Director Panda

About Director Panda NFT

In EnviZion, Director Panda NFT is not the only one in the system. It is a key used to create more NFT permissions to drive the evolution of the entire ecology. You need to have at least one panda to unlock the following permissions:
1. Permission to open the metaverse
2. Access to the creativity
3. Access to mining
4. Access to upgrade pandas (the prerequisite for upgrading is that you already have a panda)
5. Join the professional panda director group and participate in the core matter of evolutionary creation.
Tip: Everyone can do NFT creation, but not everyone can enter the professional director group. Whoever enters the professional director group must have a panda.
NOTE: If you are an excellent creator with mature work, you will have the opportunity to get an invitation from us and get a free Director Panda NFT
A panda is not only an NFT, it is the key to creating your own universe. If you want to create a universe of your own, you need to have at least one panda. This is the biggest difference between Panda and ordinary NFT.
Panda supports two upgrade directions, including career upgrade and honor upgrade. The upgraded panda has higher HashRate and can help you get more universe funds. Of course, the value of them will also increase.
Under normal circumstances, when you use a picture, people cannot verify whether the NFT belongs to you. We provide a verification link that can be used in your social media introduction. Through this link, people can easily associate your avatar, name and NFT.

Four series of Director Panda

Series 1 Original Panda

Original Pandas with different genes represent different cultural symbols, which leads to each Panda Director having its unique style. The initial 100 pandas sale will be available on the EnviZion official website.

Series 2 Theme Panda

There are 5% of pandas named Theme Panda not in the genetic sequence. They are a much rarer item and some of them are given as official gifts to the selected contributors and creators in the community.

Series 3 Legendary Panda

The Legendary Panda does not arise independently. It is an upgrade edition of Original Pandas, and only rewarding to those who have made outstanding contributions to the community. It is a kind of noble status if you obtain a Legendary Panda. It is not for public sale.

Series 4 Mystic Series

This series of pandas is kept secret for now, but it certainly comes from a variation of the basic panda.

Number of Panda Director

The overall supply is 9,900. There are 3,900 pandas based on ZRC6 casting, and currently, we have not cast any pandas based on ERC721.